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Otherwise, the exterior appeared as it had done before the destruction – in particular, the baroque crossing-tower was rebuilt.The reconstruction was carried out under tight constraints.It follows a symmetrical plan with two apses, that is characteristic of Ottonian Romanesque architecture in Old Saxony.The cathedral's treasures include world-famous artworks, bronze works from the time of Bishop Bernward, Bernward Doors and Bernward Column, as well as two of the four notable Romanesque wheel chandeliers: the Hezilo chandelier and the Azelin chandelier.In the nineteenth century, the original westwork was replaced by a Neo-Romanesque two-tower facade, which stood until 1945., de), which had rooms in the cloisters, was one of the most significant educational institutions of the Ottonian and Salian periods.Its library has served as the Hildesheim Cathedral library (German: In addition, the gatehouse in front of the westwork was reduced by about half.

Hellweg, which might date back to Hildegrim of Châlons and his expedition to East Saxony.

It was thought that the end of the famous rose had come, but the roots were largely intact, and in the spring of 1945 it put out 25 new shoots.

The first sparse flowers bloomed in 1947, and by 1948 there were 122 flowers.

After renovations and extensions in the 11th, 12th and 14th centuries, the cathedral was completely destroyed during an air raid on 22 March 1945 and rebuilt from 1950 to 1960.

A thorough renovation of the cathedral began in 2010, including technical and conservation measures. Only traces of the foundations of these two buildings remain.

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The first cathedral building was a small church measuring 6 x 6 m with an apse to the east.

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