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People here are really nice, but at the same time many new transplants to the city feel a chill that goes with it.It’s hard to make friends with people you meet, let alone get a date with woman whom you’re interested in.But since I moved to the Seattle area from Pakistan two years ago, I’ve been in a similar situation when it comes to my romantic life. Seattle isn’t a town of nuns and I’m sure not a Brahmachari who lives a life of self-imposed celibacy.Much like that guy in that restaurant who can’t get the food he wants so badly, for that whole time I have not been able to get a date. There could be more than one explanation for it: It could be what many call Seattle Freeze.

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So why can’t I find a lady here in Seattle, where women are as omnipresent as the minarets of the mosques that dominate the skylines of Pakistani towns and villages.

Growing up in a society like Pakistan’s may put me at a disadvantage.

But the truth is that more women are getting education and feel independent to choose their own life partners than having old granny thrust a husband on them who’s twice their age.

Colleges and universities in Pakistan are generally the only places where young men and women study together under a single roof.

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I remember how older women would detest this trend, blaming Bollywood movies for ‘destroying’ their values and customs.

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