Is dev patel still dating freida pinto 2016

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She also has a sister named Sharon Pinto, who is a producer with an Indian news channel, NDTV.

The actress is a trained Indian classical and Salsa dancer, and she is also a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) since 2016.

They even made their visits to public places and were mostly spotted together by the paparazzi.

Caption: Freida and Dev at the Vanity Fair event in 2013.

Their relationship is probably strengthening, as they get spotted enjoying each other's company.

Caption: Ex-couple Freida and Rohan in their engagement party in Goa (2007).The couple has the maximum probability to uplift their relationship to a higher level of husband and wife.Let's hope for the very best for the couple's future!Recently, she revealed all those stuff with Mail Online, where she said: You can be with someone and it can be really good for your growth,’ she says. On the other hand, Freida is having her fun with her new polo player beau, Ronnie Bacardi.Freida and Ronnie made their official red carpet debut at Vanity Fair's Oscar Party 2016 on February 28.

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He headlined one of the most acclaimed films of 2016, ' Lion,' having also gotten nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.