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Veppathur Kittoo (one of Vasan's storyboard artists) developed a story based on a chapter of George W. Reynolds' novel, Robert Macaire: or, The French bandit in England. Originally made in Tamil and later in Hindi, Chandralekha spent five years in production (1943–1948).

However, when the producer launched an advertising campaign for the film he only had the name of the heroine from a Gemini Studios storyline he had rejected. Raghavachari left the film more than halfway through because of disagreements with Vasan, who took over in his directorial debut.

Huge drums are arranged in rows in front of the palace.

Chandralekha joins the dancers, who dance on the drums.

She rescues him with the aid of elephants from a passing circus troupe.

Veerasimhan and Chandralekha join the circus to hide from Sasankan's men.

She had a large family, who said the hardest thing to accept is how they will never see her graduate, get married or have her own children.

The court heard how she would stop in at her friends' houses on her way to school to make sure they wouldn't be late.

is a 1948 Indian Tamil-language historical adventure film directed and produced by S. Vasan mortgaged all his property and sold his jewellery to complete the film, whose cinematographers were Kamal Ghosh and K. The music, largely inspired by Indian and Western classical music, was composed by S. Vasan directed a Hindi version with some changes, including some re-shot scenes, a slightly altered cast, and Hindi dialogues from Agha Jani Kashmiri and Pandit Indra.

It underwent a number of scripting and cast changes, and was the most-expensive film made in India at the time. Parthasarathy with lyrics by Papanasam Sivan and Kothamangalam Subbu. Although the film received generally-positive reviews, it did not recoup its production costs.

When Sasankan tries to woo Chandralekha, she pretends to faint every time he approaches her.

One of her circus friends comes to Sasankan disguised as a gypsy healer and claims that she can cure Chandralekha of her "illness". Sasankan is pleased to find Chandralekha miraculously cured and apparently ready to accept him as her husband; in return, he agrees to her request for a drum dance at the royal wedding.

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She had spent time in a substance abuse treatment program at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, and her family said she had been doing well. told the court that he and Green had been dating for four months at the time of her murder. Skeete Jr., now 18 years old, was found guilty of second-degree murder in August.