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Magic's greatest secrets revealed online dating

My long ago boyfriend(from SNL) who took me to Travolta's Santa Barbara home for lunch was on a softball team with Christoper Lloyd, Dana Carvey(who I mentioned earlier in this thread), Michael Keaton, Gary Shandling and a few others back in the mid 80's. Andy Garcia might be the straightest actor I've ever met.

Now that parasitic twin they removed from his neck/shoulder was a flaming queen.

True many daytime actors do, I guess, but Peter Bergman is not the young pretty boy.Andy in the late 80's - mid 90's was incredibly sexy as well as being a great actor.Again through a friend of someone who worked on the show, the "Popular" set was apparently a hotbed of lesbian drama.Can't remember all the details but I think a producer or writer on the show was also involved in the dating games and Tammy Lynn eventually moved on to a crew member rather than deal with the cast members. d Someone here once posted, "think of all the Drama people you know in High School. "The fact some went on to fame is irrelevant to basic issue of their sexuality and being able to perform like actors.No info on the male cast members; my friend and her source were lesbians and only interested in those stories. People with mental issues (insecurity, self loathing, etc.) are drawn to acting where they can pretend to be someone else or stick it to all the jerks back home by becoming more famous and richer than them.

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Are you speaking of Christopher Lloyd as in "Back to the Future"?

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