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He was discovered by the great Florentine painter Cimabue, drawing pictures of his sheep on a rock.

They were so lifelike that Cimabue approached Bondone and asked if he could take the boy as an apprentice.

The Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano houses a small portion of a fresco cycle, painted for the Jubilee of 1300 called by Boniface VIII.

In this period he also painted the Badia Polyptych, now in the Uffizi, Florence. He was called to work in Padua, and also in Rimini, where today only a Crucifix remains in the Church of St. This work influenced the rise of the Riminese school of Giovanni and Pietro da Rimini.

In the absence of documentary evidence to the contrary, it has been convenient to ascribe every fresco in the Upper Church that was not obviously by Cimabue, to Giotto, whose prestige has overshadowed that of almost every contemporary.

Some of the earliest remaining biographical sources, such as Ghiberti and Riccobaldo Ferrarese, cite the fresco cycle of the life of St Francis in the Upper Church as his earliest autonomous works.

Giotto's master, Cimabue, was one of the two most highly renowned painters of Tuscany, the other being Duccio, who worked mainly in Siena.

Around 1280, Giotto followed Cimabue to Rome, where there was a school of fresco painters, of whom the most famous was Pietro Cavallini.

Giotto worked in Rome in 1297–1300, but few traces of his presence there remain today.As is common in the decoration of the Medieval period, the west wall is dominated by the Last Judgement.On either side of the chancel are complementary paintings of the Angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary, depicting the Annunciation.He writes that when Cimabue was absent from the workshop, his young apprentice painted such a lifelike fly on the face of the painting that Cimabue was working on, that he tried several times to brush it off.Vasari also relates that when the Pope sent a messenger to Giotto, asking him to send a drawing to demonstrate his skill, Giotto drew, in red paint, a circle so perfect that it seemed as though it was drawn using a compass and instructed the messenger to give that to the Pope.

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