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Since 2007, DJJ’s inspector general investigated at least 62 complaints against staff involving “sexual abuse.” The number of cases it substantiated: zero — despite there being several former workers currently in prison or on probation for sexual misconduct.

In those cases, investigators may have substantiated different, lesser allegations.

“He doesn’t just touch you,” the youngest accuser, 14, would later tell a police detective. Always smiling at you.” The reported victims at Milton, nine in all, told investigators that Parker presented himself as a gentle father figure — though one who behaved in unfatherly ways.

The Herald examined 10 years of DJJ inspector general reports and administrative reviews and complaints to the Department of Children & Families abuse hotline.DJJ has its own tally and conducts its own investigations.There is no doubt overlap between the two agencies’ numbers, but they also diverge.Much of the illicit behavior goes beyond kissing and sharing photos.According to DJJ, DCF and law enforcement accounts reviewed by the Herald, detained youths have been abused by staffers in every way imaginable: penetrated while bent over a laundry sink, forced onto their knees to perform oral sex, pressed and fondled against a wall.

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When the employee moved on, the daughter carjacked a vehicle to confront the counselor. For most of his adulthood, he could not understand why he embraced dangerous behavior, why he avoided contact with men, why he would be gripped by inexplicable rage.