Who is raven dating

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The Raven Guard's homeworld is the planet called Deliverance, the airless mining moon of the Forge World Kiavahr, though its original name, before the Horus Heresy, was Lycaeus.The Raven Guard's fortress-monastery on Deliverance is known as the Ravenspire.

The survivors were forced to return to the Legion's homeworld of Deliverance in order to rebuild their desperately reduced numbers.

They warned of the consequences of accelerating the implantation process, consequences that Corax and his Legion were soon to witness first hand.

No records remain of the results of Corax's experimentation, but there are legends that have been passed down through the generations.

Upon his return to his homeworld, Corax is said to have brooded for countless days and nights, ordering that the most ancient texts concerning the processes the Emperor used to create the Space Marines be laid before him.

Studying tomes not consulted in centuries, Corax found a way of saving his Legion from extinction, though he would hate himself for all time for the choice he was forced to make.

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